Avoid the mistakes that led the FBI to Pursue Apple by learning more about Managing Apple Devices.

Posted by Rob Daniels

The San Bernadino Shooter's employer had all the tools need to access their phone, but had not implemented the MDM solution.  Learn how to manage Apple Devices and Computers with Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program, Profiles and Payloads, Mobile Device Management and more. Find out more . . .  

2015 12 Support Essentials

Apple has made the news lately for being sued by the FBI in an effort by the government to create a way to unlock the San Bernadino Shooter's work phone.  But two facts (MISTAKES) are glaring.

1. The FBI admittedly made a mistake when they changed the shooter's iCloud password.

2. The shooter's employer had purchased, but not implemented, a Mobile Device Management solution.  Had they implemented the MDM solution they would have been able to unlock THEIR business phone used by the employee.

These simple step would have avoided all of the court and legal issues.  Don't make headlines by making the same mistakes.  

Join us and learn all about Mobile Device Management, Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program and everything else you need to know to Manage Apple Devices using OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Server 5.0 and more an a 2 day class.


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  • Guest - Olivia Elder

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